Thursday, January 28, 2010

field research

This stage of the project was fun, going out for field research in with (anna & urmila) was like the right blend for a research team each having a different perspective. We observed many kids and their play patterns. We would assign each of us a task to do while doing the research, i mostly would do the talking because i speak the local language(Kannada) and did the photo documentation.

kenchanhalli community was a low income group of families who were mostly labor class. There the children played outdoors,mostly circling around the school playground. We introduced ourselves, made friends with the children and played with them observing a wide range of play patterns.

A day at kidsee play school on their blue day was a different experience. The children had selected toys to play with and a organised play pattern.

Apartment kids
These kids could afford toys and they wouldn't mind buying high quality (Lego)imported toys than buying Indian make toys which they feel are not safe.

The creative unit

The brief for the lab was to create play experiences keeping in mind sustainability.

The toy would go through a total cycle from initial concept to the manufacture,distribution,sale and disposal.
The lab was structured to provide maximum flexibility for the students in their projects.

The first exercise was to create a scenario and imagine how toys would be like after 10-years from now. My group created a scenario of a family whom we imagined in two different life styles one a very electronic- tech connected and the other a organic and sustainable living.

There was lectures on play and some presentations on the IDEO process of research and development.

toy makers

The re-union of the toy makers in September 2009 formed the srishti creative unit.
Leading the creative unit is MR.Anders who successfully completed the 2008 toys lab.
The chosen few were students from different specialization who had that extra spark in them to create a better future.