Sunday, February 21, 2010

kids spinn it at parikrma

The same exercise of creating patterns which was organised at parikrma in an organised fashion for the school children.
This exercise was part of sadhvi's workshop with the children, introduced as a break exercise for a short time.

The kids had fun making.

Paper pattern in motion

patterns created by the parikrma kids

kids spinn it at kenchanhalli

A fun exercise for kids to create new patterns and see it spin. It is simple.

The first exercise with the kids of kenchanhalli was interesting.
I made a template of the top in two views (side and top) and printed it out on an A4 sheet.

The kids used colors to fill in the template

Most kids used single color and they were not sure of how the
pattern would look when it is spun.

The circle is ready to to be cut out.

The circle is cut on the perforated guide line.

The cut circle is pressed with a board pin and the pointed
pin is used as a handle to spin the pin and the paper.

The paper top in motion.

Patterns created by the children.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

stage - 5

Manufacturing deal

Going around the industrial areas of Bangalore and talking numbers was a new experience.
i felt like a business man

I carried a sample of the joinery and the threading tools to make things easier.

Peniya - Bangalore industrial area
Talking to a freelancer to get the job done wa
s turning out to be to expensive as they where
looking at producing it in large quantity.

yelahanka old town
I got one sample made there with a metal lathe. it turned out to be a little cheaper, but
still expensive for one piece Rs 120

Moving to shivaji nagar and fixing a deal for less than half the price was the lease
i could go keeping in mind my time line.With the frequent power cuts the work was posponded
by two days. My presence at the work place was a must to get work done faster.

Top at test

The first prototype was taken to kenchanhalli to be played by the kids. They were happy to see me back at their playground waiting to open my bag. They were all excited to see the new designed top and they started spinning it

kid winding the rope (image below)

Take off position (image below)

Spinn off and land (image below)

The kid pull's up the spinning top and spins it in his hand
(image below)

Top secret unveiled (image below)

What, how, why..

Excited to know what it was, the kid spins the small top
he finds it difficult to spin with the broad handle

User test observations

The threading joinery worked well.
They liked the new design.
The size of the over all top can be reduced.
The handle of the small top can be re-worked.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

stage - 4

Industrial prototyping

At this stage i started working on the industrial lathe machines just to get the feel of the place and idea of manufacturing techniques. Every minute was precious out there in terms of learning and value for money.

wood in its rough state ( halle mara/soft wood)

my first experience on the wood lathe (image below)

javid carving on the wood lathe(image below)

initial prototypes on basic form(image below)

Figuring out the joinery for the tops using magnet locking system.
(image below)

the magnet locking joinery did not work because it couldn't take the initial high impact and force of the top landing on the ground. The more powerful magnets where getting very expensive for production standards.

Thread and screw joinery
(simple, functional and affordable) (image below)

Nail tip (image below)
The nail tips are made of stainless steel
It can take high impact, rust free, smooth edges.

my travel itinerary

I experienced a whole new life cycle at this stage. Travelling to channapatana daily from Bangalore felt less tiring because of my organised planning and execution

my day started with an early breakfast 7:30
bus from yelahanka - majestic 8:00-9:00
bus from majestic to channapatana 9:30-11:00
salma's workshop 11:00-2:00
lunch break2:00-3:30
salma's workshop 3:30-5:30
bus from channapatana to majestic 6:00-8:00
bus from majestic to yelahanka 8:00-9:30

my timings were not stable because of the bus timings, frequent power cuts at channapatana and availability of the craftsmen's time to work with me.

salma - owner of NS toys workshop, channapatana
javid and amjed hi-precession and skilled artisans

bangalore ( yelahanka) to channapatana roughly 90 km by road

Monday, February 15, 2010

Exhibition / Presentation

The creative unit exhibited their work at jaga an exhibition space open for public viewing, this exhibit was displayed along with the other course-projects from srishti.

The exhibition space was designed and installed by the creative unit.

An interactive wall for the public to leave their comments.

Boogreez display at the exhibition (below)

stage - 3

Moving from college workshop to the land of the toy makers.

A small town traditional toy making community known for their wood and lacquer toys.

With the skilled craftsmen I could shape my ideas into any form I thought of( a simple sketch/prototype)

Top in top

Two tops in one.
simple with new levels of play

Fountain top

A fun idea of playing with color water.
fill water/spin/have fun with the sprinkling color water.

stage - 2

The spinning board.

Introducing the spinning board to the kids was like adding another level of challenge to their existing play pattern.

First level

The board was used as a target. The board has three three rings, depending on the ring in which they spin the top they score points accordingly. (Inner/mid/outer -ring)

Second level

Spin in the ring is another play level where the kids detach the rings from the spinning board and throw the rings at different distances and target one ring and spin the top in one of the rings and score points depending on the size and distance of the rings.

Third level

The maze board is a level for skilled players, the top is spun on the outer ring and while it is spinning the player lifts the board and moves the top to the center ring.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

stage - 1

In the first stage I worked on the safety aspect of the tops where I used nail tips which has spring fitted suspension.These nail tips were designed for smooth spinning on different kinds of floors (rough, muddy.smooth etc.)

Precisely engineered suspension nail tip made on the lathe machine,
these nail tips were designed to resist high impact. (image below)

spinning top with safe suspension nail tip.

Hi-speed top.

The high speed metal top looks like a regular top but it is hollow from the inside and it has a metal ball inside.

While the top is spinning the metal ball spins much faster inside the hallow space of the top, increasing the speed of rotation.

Fan on top

The fan on top is a regular shaped top with a fan fitted on the top.

A kid shows off with the new fan on top.

Indian toys

  • The spinning tops at kenchanhalli and the field research insights lead me to take indian designed toys to a new level.
  • Simple and small innovations was my focus.
  • A game that will encourage children to get of the seat and do some physical movement.
  • Add many levels of play within the top spinning game.
  • Special attention to safety and detail finishes.
  • Attractive, cool, funky, colorful, surprise etc..

concept idea

my idea started taking shape at kenchanhalli during my research. The kids were playing with the simplest toys/games which was very fascinating.

The kids used their surroundings and materials around them to play

chanmai playing with a magnet and some board pins
He was fascinated by the way they dance and stick to the magnet.