Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top at test

The first prototype was taken to kenchanhalli to be played by the kids. They were happy to see me back at their playground waiting to open my bag. They were all excited to see the new designed top and they started spinning it

kid winding the rope (image below)

Take off position (image below)

Spinn off and land (image below)

The kid pull's up the spinning top and spins it in his hand
(image below)

Top secret unveiled (image below)

What, how, why..

Excited to know what it was, the kid spins the small top
he finds it difficult to spin with the broad handle

User test observations

The threading joinery worked well.
They liked the new design.
The size of the over all top can be reduced.
The handle of the small top can be re-worked.

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