Monday, March 29, 2010

The master piece

one of the most exciting stage of the project was to see the final prototype take shape. It was challenging because i had to work with a different artisan ( amjed ) since javid was not in town. It took amjed less than a day to understand and start making the prototype. The size was finalized and also how the joinery would be fitted during assembly had to be planned. Running back to SP-road for the joinery inset and back to channapatana the next day.

This was my last day for prototyping and all the joinery was set in place for assembly. Fear of the power cuts always in mind was leading me to fast production but i realized the quality of work was going down so i had to slow down the phase and pay attention to the details at every stage even though the time was limited.

choosing the right size of wood and cutting.

mounting it on to the lathe.

taking off the rough edges and making it smooth.

the top taking shape.

drilling for fixing the inset.

fine sandpapering for a smooth finish.

lacquering the wood

gloss effect using the palm leaf.

making the top tip.

making the base of the top.

making the circular winding gripper.

The top and base of the top was then assembled with the joinery parts which are standard parts readily available in the market.

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